Start a Conversation with SMS Broadcasting

As cellphone and smartphone usage continue to rise, it just makes sense to communicate with the most direct and instant messaging channel – SMS / text. Use this inexpensive tool for quick updates, alerts and notifications to your clients and get immediate feedback on this 2-way communication platform.

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All jobs are tested & retested by our support staff to ensure the highest level of quality control.

Ease of Use

Send us your 160-character message and phone list and we’ll take it from there.


We can send over 1 Million messages per hour, which means most of your recipients can receive your text simultaneously.


Your message can be delivered at any time that you specify.

Fast Turn-Around

Most jobs are running in less than 30 minutes.


We can merge your recipient’s name and other info right into the body of your text message.


We use the latest technology to provide a range of features and ensure the highest delivery levels.


After each broadcast we provide you with detailed reports so you know who received your message and who didn’t (including specific reasons why the messages failed).


Have instant 2-way communication with your audience, perfect for brief dialogue.

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